Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some or all words are false...

I've been reading a brilliant book about Vivian Stanshal (I shall not call him Viv any longer) and this has led to several recent 'significant thoughts' as I am now wont to call them.

Exhibit A: Dad used to mention now and again when attending gigs that he once 'roadied' for the Bonzos...This was when I had them classed as the urban spaceman band and nothing more...I should maybe point out that all he would ever reveal is that he carried "an amp or a box of some sort up some stairs" in a pub I forget the name of.

Exhibit B: It is female Ricola birthday on Thursday night and I am inexplicably tempted to wear false eyes, somehow re-grow the beard in rapid time and buy some spats.

Exhibit C: Duh, duh, d-duh, de-duh, duh, dan, de-dan, dan....dan!

In other news I have been circuit-bending my Buddha-machine with some success (I found an octave adjusting resistor at least), I've partially put together a taser jacob's ladder experiment (9v -> 10KV FTW!!), solved the streaming media problem and restrung my acoustic guitar. The laptop is sporting a few fancy new Compiz/Beryl features and a slightly modified Clearlooks theme with Tango odds 'n' sods.

Oh, and I bought a tiffin tin and a subscription to my new local punjabi takeaway so I never have to cook again.

I finally overcame my hatred of pets and bought me a dog. He needs to have his injections and shit so no pictures yet....but pretty soon I will be the proud owner of an Belgian Egghound named Raff.

You can google any words you find interesting for yourself.

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