Sunday, October 18, 2009

You say hello

I wave bye bye...

It has been an odd week. I felt a bit "not guri" on Wednesday (which I put down to poor blood sugar) but having rushed back to pick up Flo, cook dinner &c, I eventually spent the evening throwing up and attempting to go to bed at 8pm...[draws veil]

Thursday was much the same, though I spent a very strange ~10 hours lucid dreaming/hallucinating while twitching and sweating in bed....Friday I felt like someone had driven through me with a truck, but managed to hold it together enough to look after Flo eventually.

We spent Saturday doing our usual thing (alien tree hunt, cafe for cake, playground, park, trampoline) and observed an afternoon-long kinda fight thing between Moshi and "Tabby" (a decidedly un-tabby cat recently arrived, that believes it has rights on Moshi's yard, food & bed....Flo named him...though he is sometimes called "Sparkles", depending on her mood). Seriously, we came back from the park and he was asleep in Flo's bed while Moshi sat on the window sill and watched him! He'd already eaten her leftover breakfast....stupid cat!

Dancin' to the dub while we await CAKE!

"Look dad, I am a picture!"

Communing with the cats

I lunched-out my Saturday night (thanks, illness) and slept another 10 hours...Flo, Es, Ian and I did the "standard Sunday" today: Boston Tea Party for breakfast (number 2), Ashton Court (as opposed to Blaise Castle), Ice-Cream, more Ashton Court, my house...wherein I made coffee for adults, frozen banana pancakes for children and hilarity, newspapers, ipods, chumby & some shouting ensued.

Esmae is rowing the "boat" to America....

Now. If you will excuse me, I'll go back to my two current books: one apparently about unicorns and ninjas & the other about the fuckin fuck word you fucks!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just did that Freeskilling thing about FOSS/Linux. It went very well...


...the 1st thing (apart from "Hello") said to me was "I saw you in purple spandex and green y-fronts the other week...dancing like a loon".

This may be my legacy.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Show n Tell

I'm doing one of these here Freeskilling things tomorrow evening.

I'm really looking forward to it, but hoping it doesn't just turn into me ranting about closed/pay software (OK, I'll say it....MICROSOFT & APPLE), where Linux/FOSS lets us down (because it does in places)...I have some (hopefully) cool shit to show off and for people to use though:

  • Chumby (FOSS/OSH, not got wifi in locale so showing "local" widgets + Quake)
  • BeagleBoard (FOSS/OSH, just to show as no HDMI output)
  • Neo1973 (FOSS/OSH, boots to screen of doom thanks to me)
  • Sony Vaio found through "justfortheloveofit", booting FOSS 'live'
  • Acer Aspire 1 booting Moblin2 (lame, i reckon) + my own Ubuntu + Kuki
  • Lenovo C100, the laptop that will not go away. Is now running Jaunty with all the requisite plugins for browsers & music, etc ready to donate to someone.
A very welcome email from Tom G has prompted some extra software checkin'...I'd forgotten Gloobus for you Gnome peeps...

And FYI I have ~3 desktop PCs (no monitors) if anyone wants them....what is it about monitors?

Careers Day

Flo was off on one of her verbal diarrhea diatribes on Saturday evening...I couldn't get the video recorded fast enough to catch the beginning, but it began along the lines of "When I am bigger I am going to be a..."

Mr Oughton, this one's for you!

Just sayin' ;-)

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Some of you deserve this!

It's not all autofellatio you know!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


oh shit...fuck this post!

I just remembered I can apparently run Doom on Chumby! Need to look into various FLV transcoders and I would LOVE to get BBC iplayer chumby widget!


EDIT: Got Quake running on the Chumby last night :D


Friday night's Microrave at Carnyville was mind-blowing, as soon as Jen manages to get me some of her photos I'll post 'em.

It rocked!


"Look at my chocolate beard dad!"

Speaking of savages, I spent Sunday with both kids (and Ian) and then they both stayed Sunday night...I was on the verge of collapse by the end of the day, but luckily I had yesterday as I surprised Flo by picking her up after nursery and we spent a lovely afternoon messing around with my new chumby and the ipod while we listened to TMBG (again!).

I managed to convince Flo to at least put some trousers on for dinner.

But it didn't last long...

Oh, and here's my entry for "You've Been Framed".....

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