Sunday, October 18, 2009

You say hello

I wave bye bye...

It has been an odd week. I felt a bit "not guri" on Wednesday (which I put down to poor blood sugar) but having rushed back to pick up Flo, cook dinner &c, I eventually spent the evening throwing up and attempting to go to bed at 8pm...[draws veil]

Thursday was much the same, though I spent a very strange ~10 hours lucid dreaming/hallucinating while twitching and sweating in bed....Friday I felt like someone had driven through me with a truck, but managed to hold it together enough to look after Flo eventually.

We spent Saturday doing our usual thing (alien tree hunt, cafe for cake, playground, park, trampoline) and observed an afternoon-long kinda fight thing between Moshi and "Tabby" (a decidedly un-tabby cat recently arrived, that believes it has rights on Moshi's yard, food & bed....Flo named him...though he is sometimes called "Sparkles", depending on her mood). Seriously, we came back from the park and he was asleep in Flo's bed while Moshi sat on the window sill and watched him! He'd already eaten her leftover breakfast....stupid cat!

Dancin' to the dub while we await CAKE!

"Look dad, I am a picture!"

Communing with the cats

I lunched-out my Saturday night (thanks, illness) and slept another 10 hours...Flo, Es, Ian and I did the "standard Sunday" today: Boston Tea Party for breakfast (number 2), Ashton Court (as opposed to Blaise Castle), Ice-Cream, more Ashton Court, my house...wherein I made coffee for adults, frozen banana pancakes for children and hilarity, newspapers, ipods, chumby & some shouting ensued.

Esmae is rowing the "boat" to America....

Now. If you will excuse me, I'll go back to my two current books: one apparently about unicorns and ninjas & the other about the fuckin fuck word you fucks!

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