Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sweet Corn

I debated over "Corny Cob", "Corny but Sweet", "You'll take my cob from my cold, dead hand!"...then plumped for the above. Whatever.

So. Work is kinda interesting at the moment; lots of people huffin' & puffin' about the 'no payrise' thing, how crap the 'present' was this year (bottle of Bucks Fizz, 4 baloons, some toys, some retro sweets, Santa hat (or antlers), and a SIM reader (probably those unsold in the shops)...or a pen!). Admittedly shite, but why expect anything?! More amusingly, Teh Numpty Tw@s have installed all my new servers (needed ASAP) in the wrong environment. Nobody can quite believe this...but at the same time everyone says it's typical.

Performance review...OK...finding out how much I could earn if I sold my soul to the devil (not that I believe in either of those concepts, hence the lower case...and implied irony)...sucked.

Nightmare journey home! The 1st 200 yards took 1 hour, which is usually the whole journey...then I had to walk about a mile because the traffic was so slow it was quicker! Luckily there is a pretty much vertical shortcut towards the end of the march...I'll take a picture next time because you basically have half of Bristol spread before you and it looks top!

Rant's the whole reason I started this sorry excuse for a post...

Man, does she love corn on the cob!

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