Sunday, October 29, 2006

Technical Bitch

Nightmare journey back from Paris. Though the day was generally productive 8 hours travelling (or being delayed) is not my idea of fun.

Then last night battery problems with the camera. I replaced them, but it's still reporting 'Lo-Batt' (wow, that's an old Ericsson reference...) and refusing to take pictures, let alone get the highly amusing shot of Lil covered in bubbles in the bath.

Had a wonderful day with her today though and that's despite the fact she did not know about the clocks going back. I stuck her in bed with me and a bottle and she was fine for another 2 hours (this is at 4am!)...for some reason she likes to sleep at 90 degress to me with her feet facing away...and gradually rolls from my shoulders to me knees.

You'll have to make do with these shots from the ol' cameraphonamajig.

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