Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Is For Teh Chile!

Another wonderful day with Teh Byootifarl Wun. Despite being mega-tired the whole day was fun....Now I am exceptionally tired.

We went dancing to some gipsy-folk music, to the farm (as usual) and we played guitars and sang....and ate!

I dont make her smile...she just does :)

Soon we are moving to Saturday night stayover and whole Sundays! Yay!

See what I mean....?

On a related but different subject, I have a huge 'I told you so but kept quiet because I know you too well' thing to tell.....but I wont. Because I knew all along the outcome would be as it out it were.

What this doesn't get across is that she was dancing to Bob Dylan with those shades on!

Also...Curtaindale I hope your hanger wasn't too missed out....and each time you drive me round that corner in Hotwells you scare the eggs out of me!

View with your eyes....Teh Byootifarl Wun!

The bowl is's just that I'd put it on her head...she is SCREAMING into it!

Video now are spoilt, aren't you?
Annoying Car!

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