Tuesday, March 11, 2008


A small personal reference to the more prevalent Google searches bringing traffix my way...that Autofelation post is doing better than I'd ever thought possible! Mostly in terms of lonely teenage boys (just guessing) from France or Argentina (not guessing)...Tigers, Lions and Tattoos are also quite popular hits; by far the best is "ginger lion cunts", closely followed by "angry ginger cocks"....perhaps the last was a deliberate attempt to find me.

In other news, the new work laptop is working out better than I could have hoped. Dual-core, decent RAM, XP not Vista...but still a corporate build, ugh...lighter, quieter and with a swishy wide screen though I'm still not convinced by the layout for the "nipple"/buttons/trackpad, and Page Up/Down and the cursor buttons are, well, too close and confusing. I really don't need a powerful laptop for work these days because I essentially spend my time using hideously unwieldy Excel spreadsheets that do arcane Windows/VB stuff with a Web App, attempt to become a PowerPoint demon (instead of the "hello, i am technical...here are some pictures and poorly explained acronyms" style I have cultivated), Email and Web/RSS...oh and I draw things using Dia.

I started this post intending to simply point everyone to Tek's reminiscence post here...way too many of my own favourites to pass up the opportunity to just link....I've been thinking of doing a "mixtape" thing for a while now. I'm pretty certain only Gaz will ever bother downloading it, but maybe I'll just do it...what is copyright anyway?

Those tiger pictures, by the way, are awesome! Nice one bro....

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