Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Could it be...?

A "proper" blogpost? I'm not sure, but I'll certainly try to write something interesting and locate you to some wonderful things on these intarnets. In the meantime I'll be trying to sort out some last minute latent racism between myself and those cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys!

So. 1st off...The Dirty Protest:

Teh Chile is potty training. Rosie mentioned it and I heard Ez shouting "No Flo, in the potty" while out in Le Jardin the other night....so I bought a potty. Not before she showed me that she doesn't want a nappy full of shit by taking off said nappie, moving all the bedclothes (and TankOOBear (a teddy which does not look dissimilar to this one) the book we read before bed...did not cost me that much though, TankOOVouchers!!) to one end of her cot and taking three perfectly formed pyramids of shit at the other end!

Not a jot on her though...all credit to the girl.

Then. Then...she shunned the potty right in front of her for the relative comfort of weeing on a cushion. While she looked me in the eye!

Her stringing together of sentences though is becoming more and more wonderful by the day. Which reminds me...I found this post really poignant. Flo isn't quite as articulate yet (I await the day) but much of it rings true for me...no I don't have massive biceps; I got given a wicked buggy remember. And am a weed.

Meh...number 2 could be more tricky geeky:
Am going to try getting my cablebox to do this...is not even Motorola! Am fscked? I don't even need it to work...but the potential exists...for the price of a 6-pin firewire cable (which TBH I have one somewhere) and some typing?! Failure can be an option...when it is not a prerequisite for success. This is not to mention setting up m0n0wall again so that I can VNC in...oh wait, you're bored...

£ 15 \/\/3LL 0DD
Round 2 of the fight for cleanliness continues. I sooped up the hoover by taping up some connections and I made a new nozzley attachment thing what cleans tiny gaps...at the expense of making the hoover sound like it wants to kill me. Got some non-standard bags/filters...and what with the slight "engine mod" using soldering iron and chisel (don't ask) I'm sucking some serious gunk...From the smell of ozone while in use I give it a week!

Is all. I go to my garden....I'll probably find rats...I bore...

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