Thursday, August 30, 2007

A penny for 'em (WARNING: Contains no swearing at all...maybe)

This here be a brain-fart...

  • 3rd (possibly 4th) attempt to launch the Belgians onto "my" platform still being gently fucked over by various "where the fuck did you come from?" suddenly interested parties
  • ditto "why the fuck is that suddenly not working?" aren't all the staging platforms meant to be the same?
  • 4 months late now by my watch.
  • where's my fucking extra RAM for my laptop so I can run more than one application at once....fucking Windows/Microsoft....fucking build team....bah!
  • Been theme customising the Daptop after all this time. All it needed was a bit of a font size change, a decent wallpaper, transparency on Gnome panels, Compiz sorted, annoying tooltips off, colour tweaking for widgets and using different "component" settings from the default Mac-OS-X like thingy-ha Ihey, I'm used to the window buttons, so chill....)
  • Have to carry one of those big wicker-bowl like chairs on Saturday (bargain tho) from up the hill to the house...'twill be our new reading chair for bedtime stories
  • Might have found a swapsy for the Flymo...
  • Dentist & Dupuytrens treatments ahoy (ow! on both counts I fear....)
  • I've been on Facebook far more often than I'd like, but mainly because I've been playing Scrabulous on it....more often than I'd like
  • It's (not really) surprising that Flo is such a tonic for feeling down in the dumps. This morning she wanted to "read a daddy" so picked the biggest, hardbackist books within reach from the shelf by my bed, scrubbled the pages while making nonsense words and then became fascinated by a "stayship" (spaceship) on the front of a very old, very fragile Asimov.
  • Instinct took over and I roused myself to save the book (seriously, this book is probably worth 10p on eBay but it's been with me a long time!)
  • Subsequently she threw some of the heavier books at me..."up daddy now!"
  • This here blog is 2 on Saturday....and Ma reaches the age of 21 (again).
Oh yeh, almost forgot....Jonathon from FlailingMyArms came up with a fucking hilarious video (I think)....especially since Flo and I have been discussing "witches" (ok), "monkey inna tunnel" (wtf?), "mummy dragon" [hi rosie], and "'cary noises". Some of which require her to hide by covering her eyes with a forearm.

1 comment:

Jonathon Morgan said...

That was some impressive cursing. PS: My favorite thing is the girl's accent. She talks like she knows what it takes to kick someone's ass.

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