Thursday, February 16, 2006

Smaller Things...

So. Had some problems with UPS which resulted in, well losing it! At them....and then getting home to actually find the parcel I'd accused them of posting through the wrong door under a pile of crap designated "Mr Dave Slade" at my address. Aaahh, the beauty of a shared Inbox.

Anyway. The mini-machine in aforementioned UPS packets is rude. As F*CK!

Pretty much a full 2.6.x linux kernel with SSH and HTTP servers, power over USB, Ethernet, or 5V (battery or wall adapter).

Current plans: a fag-box sized firewall/network manager "in the palm of your hand"....or a wireless "service hub"...

It's the size of a 10-pack of cigarettes!!!

Oh. had a date tonight....I'm in. I think....But could this just be adding more stress?

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Gull said...

hilarious clip of dog trying to find water in an empty bath. Can't be arsed to alt tag

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