Saturday, February 11, 2006

If life is a journey....

...let's hope they're not all like this weeks trip to Paree....before I start

Right. 1st off I missed out Temple Meads, but I was busy eating a pasty and the bus turned up.

So....stage 1: Home -> Stapleton Road Station (on Foot, about 10 minutes)

Check that beard!

Next was the bus from Temple Meads to Bristol "International" "Airport" (about 40 minutes in comfort)...

Then a plane to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (about 1 hour 15 minutes...nice sandwich, and a glass of wine!)

Waiting for the bus outside CDG (about 20 minutes...)

Then a bus ride to a stop virtually outside my hotel (about 1 hour, thanks to the parisian traffic).

Lo & behold, I am teh Upgrade! King size was wider than it was long!!!

Next morning, up with the larks and off to a posh hotel (Residence Maxims) near the Eiffel tower.

There were Pierre Cardin and Christian LaCroix boutiques...the presidential "palace"....the "toilets" in the conference suite, were actually real bathrooms!...I took a photo of me in it!
And finally....back to CDG!

Flight delayed an hour....walked back through the front door at 9pm.

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