Monday, February 13, 2006

Windows? Whats' that?

update: Got MP3 I used Adept to search for "amaroK engine", found "complete package". Click. Click. Click. Start amaroK change "Engine" in settings to "xine" and....Bobs!


So. I am no longer dependent on Bill Gates and his evil empire (there's a minimal hidden install somewhere on the system, but only for "emergencies")...completely Linux at home right now!

Only problem is, I can get everything to play...but in order for MP3 to play nicely I need to get proper MP3 codec installed (it's not exactly free...unlike everything else). And I can't seem to do it. I got VLC working and playing, but amaroK (which is what I want to use for music) is playing hard to get.

So far very few complaints....No need for a firewall (yet), no real need for Virus scanner....all my usual apps are there or similar (and compatible...see OpenOffice). Lots seems to run faster and the "piping" within the OS is way better than XP. No more "judders"!


Kurrently running KDE (Kubuntu based on "Breezy Badger" Ubuntu...based on de la la le laa).

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