Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Moshi is MIA. Still!

Last time I saw her was Monday evening when I got back from work, after she'd had the minor "episode" at the weekend (see previous post). Another cat, Gilbert, has gone missing from the next street along...Have they eloped? Been catnapped? Is she trapped somewhere?*

I flyered my own and the 2 next streets this evening, but I wildly underestimated the number of flyers even though I thought 100 would be enough. It's crowded round here man, so many houses!

I learnt something though. I would fucking hate being a postman!

...No sign of multicoloured roadkill either (I went out on The Steed and checked)


Where am I?

*OMG! I just thought...she does like going into Rosie's house; they went camping on Tuesday morning...this is paranoiac, 2+2=5 nonsense (or is it?)...maybe she is trapped in Rosie's house! Trapped...hungry & thirsty (I'm sure she can survive ~2 days, they're back tomorrow!)...and...lonely...and...oh, yeah shitting and pissing all over the place!

** I'm only saying that because despite her being, well, let's face it, just. a. cat....I love her, despite myself and I am unwittingly stressing out!!

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