Monday, August 10, 2009


Oh, Hi! I'd forgotten about you, had you forgotten about me?

What the fuck is up with the local feline population? Moshi had one of her episodes* Friday evening and then wasn't to be seen until magically appearing fast asleep on a soft toy** in Flo's room at lunchtime, where she stayed until this morning. She's MIA again since, and so, apparently, is another local cat***.

Stupid cats.

Nothing interesting has happened other than:

  • Attempting to electrocute myself with a Gauntlet arcade machine
  • Cars attempting to kill me despite riding a silent, black bicycle - invisible to the naked eye
  • Gluing things together to make weapons or masks
  • Writing about things I want to do next year
  • Reading Joe Haldeman (Forever War is now in my Top10!)...he's fucking ACE!
  • Flo and I spending a morning hunting alien trees, playing farms (with dinosaurs!), eating banana bread & freshly ripe pears...and visiting "the princess kingdom"****
Scratch all that. Cat's turned up squeaking like only a cat that vanished and is now missing it's dinner, which is right in her face (!!), can. And seemingly chewing on her own hind leg....Do cats taste like chicken?

Stupid cats.

* She does some kind of figure-8 round the garden, then round the kitchen, up the stairs, behind Flo's bed and back again.
** "The Constantly Deflated Hedgehog"...her fave, apart from "Basic Flo Bed" option.
*** "Gilbert" has been missing since 08/08. 12 year old, black & white male. Pink collar & name tag.
**** The Princess/Mermaid/Ben10/Cat/Dog/Prince/EvilQueen/Robot/Zombie/Pirate kingdom can apply to any space at any time....usually when you are nearing a space of, as yet undefined by Flo, co-ordinates....sometimes extending into the Z-plane!

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