Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hey Dad!

Wierd. Not you (him), but what happened...

Apropos of nothing (well actually this site what I made and run) I started putting together a one-pager for my recently semi-retired Dad (whom I also love). Not having a lot to say other than stories of fun and, well, me getting in trouble all I could put for "filler" content was something along the lines of:

"I am a dad and a grandad, and brilliant at both. I have a lovely wife, a big dog, 2 boys (one of whom is an animal-geek, the other a techno-geek) and 2 insane cats....." etc etc.

So I thought I'd dig out whatever content was on his old companies website (Google Cache if worst comes to worst)....using a combination of "gareth smith architect charter" I eventually found the site and the wierd photo from his CV page, but was curiously side-tracked to another site which contained this little nugget of comedy photo-posing gold!

Dwarfism does not (to my knowledge) run in my family ;-)

I particularly like the frog-guy with his knee-pose (and nice shoes) and the jaunty angle at which the (obviously Irish) digger-guy sports his bonce protector.


In other news: My mate Tom went here the other day....

...actually come to think of it he did not specify if he was there before the fire started, or later when called "on the shout".....

So. Cheers "Grandad Gareth", here's to webtarnet fame!

ps. I'll get round to the site one day Dad, honest ;-)

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