Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One Year Later!

So. The Angry Ginger blog is almost a year old!

In fact in discovering that my 1st post was on 1st September last year, I realised I have completely forgotten about Mum's (a.k.a. "Granny Jan") birthday; Hi Ma!!!

....I've been so preoccupied with forthcoming Flo'Day (on the 4th) and the fact that I have her this Saturday as opposed to Sunday...and, and, and....

Luckily I have enough time to get a card and think of a decent pressie.

In the meantime to make up for the recent lack of pictures, I will now shut it and you can look at these...

Ooo Ooo Ooo!

New blocks I bought at the weekend (about to be flattened)

Gotta love the ghetto 'Nappy & Trainers' look!

Lil implements Operation Destruction....

Late Breaking Update: Well, getting late for me...bedtime soon...Check out some of these older photos I just got from R. They're scanned from a cheap scanner off a photoprint from a cheapish digital camera, so excuse any 'artefacts' I must remember to clean my scanner glass...Unfortunately the one of me and a very young Lil (must have been oooh January or February....freezing anyway) just wouldn't seem to rotate and save (best not to ask), must be that stupid beard I had....and why didn't anyone tell me??!?!

Clicky clicky for biggie big!

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