Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This Here Is A Documentary!

Gotta love those internets! Thanks to all the tubes I have been working from home today, which means two things:

  1. I get to sit on the sofa drinking tea while working on Daptop, torrenting some "Dr Who" I missed on Gurimac, with some TV/Video/Music/Radio on in the background.
  2. I get to go to Tesco to buy Flo delicious nutritionals for dinner.

So I thought I'd make a little 'documentary' of this evening's Flo-sesh. Bought a shedload of fresh Salmon and Tuna (mostly for Rosie to freeze) and added to my already fairly copious vege collection...and a new toy for Flo. It's Tom...In his firetruck!

This here is slow sautéed carrot, onion and red pepper... go with the salmon (she loves her fish that girl)....and no it's not all for her!

Of course I poached the salmon after this shot!

Picked her up at 5:30 accompanied by the usual shouting, waving, leg pumping that greets me and brought her round for some playing, while I sorted out her dinner.

Then dinner time. I obviously have my hands full so no pics of that ;-)

Then while I run the bath (and Lil shouts at me, demanding to get in the water) I strip her off, then in she goes....

Then after a good long splash and me attempting to keep her from drinking bathwater, it's out for a cuddle wrapped in a towel.

Stick her in her jimjams and we look out the window at the park, look at picture books (with me making the appropriate animal noises), a bit of walking practice then back to Mumma's.

Usually there's a bit of argie-bargie between Flo & Es (vying for attention) but not this time. Rosie warmed her bottle and then I put her to crying! :-)

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