Friday, August 04, 2006

Having a Wii



Far Cry on what is tipped to be the coolest console yet?

In other news, Teh Byootifarl Chile is back and byootifelahr!

Going to take her to the Childrens Festival on the Downs tomorrow I think....will post some photos &c. <---- new, old-skool etc! Seriously though. The fact that Far Cry is going to be on Wii has literally just decided me on the purchase!

Oh, this is a bit odd....


Craig David said...

I predict a bad.

Ubisoft bought the rights to the FarCry name and game engine about a year ago to bring it out on the Xbox. The original Crytek developers had long since moved to Electronic Arts to start work on Crysis (FarCry2).

Meanwhile some bad faced Ubisoft developers worked on FarCry to port it to Xbox.

Now - heres the difficult bit where you might lose people who don't have an appreciation for fine gaming. The reason Far Cry was so good was its lack of linearity and decent physics engine.

Consider also the market for consoles (although I admit this is shifting) - largely made up of thickies (ok I got bored of typing but you know what I mean).

Balls - I got to go now - unfinished but the Wii version will be another poor port by sub standard non-genius coders. There will be invisible walls, linear gameplay and dumbed-down plotlines. (ok but I admit that the Wiimote sounds good)

Follow instead the Crytek team and their amazing groundbreaking work. and

BY a boosted PC and Crysis.

Pato Banton said...

or perhaps "BUY" a boosted PC

Anonymous said...

What are those maggoty things and do they live in this country and how do i protect myself from them?

guri said...

They are caterpillars, and they are in the Netherlands. Never seen them in the UK.

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