Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Big Hungry Fat Lying Caterpillar!

So. some of 'teh redesign' is coming along and some bits aren't. There's a few things I need to do that involve hand-editing HTML which the Beta wont let me do yet, and I'm really not happy with the colours...and I want to get rid of that Digg'd stories thing and add a more pluralistic 'What I Bookmarked' feature: with, and more 'found this through rss because I have some knowledge and a massive ego' linkage.

In other news: I joined the humanists, got no kind of answer from the Foreign Office, bought loads of neodymium magnets and batteries (possibly the wrong batteries, but we shall see), got a cool book, danced with Flo (to many, many nursery rhymes), bathed her and took her to House of Baboo....and worked, obviously.

I am not mentioning work because it makes me rant about bureaucracy and poor organisation and the french work ethic and the people who seem to 'panic involve' themselves....and too much coffee....too much coffffeeeeee!!1!1!!

Sorry, no pictures today...I will try to sort out the Nokia for "Lil Sunday".

I have some kind of holiday until Tuesday now....heeyaagh! :-)

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