Sunday, August 27, 2006

Larng Weekend!

So. I did not charge up the Nokia and so there are no photos of todays session with Flo. Apologies.

I will therefore try to make amends by summing up the day in as few words as possible:

Byootifarl Chile!!!

OK. So we went to the farm to say Gak-Gak to the Ducks, Hok-Hok to the Pigs, Wyaaeeergh to the Goats (how that works I don't know) and Eee ee Yayayayay to the Tunnel (it's an echo thing).

Flo very shouty today which reached a pitch when we bumped into Rosie in Tesco. I managed to stop the crying with a bottle and 'yeehaw, baby' buggy games...don't ask.

Tuna, carrot & parsnip for lunch, some dancing and stickers then met Teh Ricola in Town (very briefly I'm afraid) at the All New Tapas Bar(TM)...which is actually just like an Organic Riverside Superbar....

Anyway, Lil loved pouring water over herself, yelling at some chinese people and flirting with male Ricola...cut short due to tiredness. She slept on the way back while my bladder slowly burst then decided to kick off just as I got her in the flat and me in the bathroom with my fly open....

...Anyway. Swings...Dinner...Play. Bath...Books....home for bed.

I'm sure this is just a normal day for anyone else with a child....but...every day?

Surely not?!

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