Sunday, January 13, 2008

Radio Killed The Video Star

Got absolutely drenched on Friday....wet to the's a pedestrian thing.

Flo and I enjoyed a Huge Fish Pie(tm) each on Saturday night. Comprising haddock, prawns, peas, leeks, celery and a bechamel topped off with broc-mash...we both did lots of "ummm"-ing...then played the tickle-chasing game, had a bath and then bed....Flo did Mermaid impressions and didn't really want to go to sleep ndespite "noo bankets" and a "noo circle cushion", but funnily enough 10 minutes after I put her down with a warm bottle of (rice) milk there was silence...

Today we had frozen raspberries in our porridge and then snacked on mango, oat biscuits and The Clangers until it was a suitable hour to visit the farm...came home for an aborted snooze, making tea for every single stuffed animal in the house (1 leopard called Leonard, 3 tigers (Big, Small and Bag), Kitten, Mungous the snake, Monster (sometimes called Dragon) and Stanny (the crazy, organic, pea-husk wearing, anti-establishment, bi-colour oat-based, oddball furball that daddy bought on a whim in Belgium))...the Noisy Orse also turned up for a bit. [sarcasm]Thanks for that one Granny Jan[/sarcasm].

Whenever it rains as hard as it has done recently I get a bit paranoid about the roof falling in, so I popped up into the attic earlier for a quick look (as I hadn't had a look since I moved in 6 months ago) and I notice I can get through to the neighbours attic!! There is no wall between my house and (seemingly) the house next to me....this seems wrong....anyone? Dad, I'm looking at you there.

While Flo was singing her traditional song in the tunnel (turn up the volume, I fucked the video settings phone...sorry) a woman walked passed the other side...when she yodelled (having got her breath back from laughing at us) Flo was mega-confused! Soz again about the quality...I pressed MMS instead of Yay Quality Video! You should hang out with us in person.

Oh yea...I got "rarzbee fingers"!!

Fwozen rarzbereez roolz....Thayz frozed from my 'lotment bak inna day!* awaits!

*yeah, i don't have it no more, but I got a bushel of frozen summr fruits for 3 quid ;)

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