Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Radnomness & Autofelation

This is not a blog about sucking your own fuck off weirdo!

That title should get the random Google hits up a bit...not that I ever have tried autofellatio (OK, there was that one time when I was 14, full of hormones and bad borrowed don't need to know about that).

I stuck a beta of something called Clicky on here the other day (yeah, yeah...I reserve my right to track your donkey ass) and it's confirmed the fact that I'm pretty high up in the Google rankings for the search term "cockaholic".....fucking perverts. Lots of Germans visit for "nice ginger" though so that's a decent balance.

Excuse the randomness of this post, I'm enjoying a program about Teh Mighty Atom which is alternately delightful, slightly incorrect, or annoying!

Oh Yea, trumpets....

FP: Yo, I got this big external hard-drive and I can't figure out how to make "My Documents" move to it.
Me: Errr...Right-click, left-click, tap-tap-tap....there you go...errr...that's a 50 Gig directory called "Porn"....might take a while.
FP: Errrr...

R: FruityLoops is continually freaking out then hanging on my laptop. Oh yeah, and the laptop smells like it's you know where I can buy some compressed air?
Me:, take this wire in-tray I have lurking and use that as a laptop stand...


R: OMFGWTFBBQ!!!1!!1! Everything is amazing!

If anyone who reads this knows how to turn my Korg ElectribeS from DC to AC that'd be cool....or any kind of portable wall-wart -> battery hack...

WTF....Iron is the most stable element in Teh Universe according to this TV-shit? I tink not!!!...most stable Nukeleeus, ja!


Because I am so angry with Broadcom WiFi chipset support under linux I refuse to write anything more...

No pics for you!

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