Thursday, January 10, 2008

NDS Hax!

I has them!...once more :)

Stick the "spare" 2Gig microSD in it, wooo....1 Gig of DS ROMs and about a gig of music, movies and ebooks. Thanks Nintendo, DS hax0rz and Moonshell peeps!

Rockin'....not as rockin' as the hour and a half wait for the bus home from work due to insane traffic thanks to a broken lorry.

I now somehow have 5 (five!) Windows Mobile devices: Elf, Dual, Kaiser, Polaris and Pharos....closet Windoze fanboy perhaps? Or lucky sod?....they all have their good and (definitely more importantly) bad points...Pharos is good so far (only 2G so not speedy with data), but all of them seem to give me GPS gyp...or mebbe the satellites hate me.

I've also recently re-discovered my Korg ElectribeS and have spent many hours noodling away on beats/licks, maybe I'll upload something soon (yeah, right).

I'm off to play Metroid Prime Hunters....or something

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