Friday, September 08, 2006

Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

Today I finally found a picture I have been wanting for 20 years!

20....that makes me feel incredibly old!...but lo, here I am aged 12, in a picture taken for medical reasons....Addenbrooks 1986!

Yes, that's right I am teh fame! Well, in rare genetic disorders of the dermatological kind I am....I distinctly remember the prelude to this involved me sitting in a room in a hospital all day with my mum while various 'hair geeks' from around the world came to prod and stare.

20 that time I had a (shiz hot) Amstrad CPC 6128 of which I was mighty proud, because I had bought an RS232 based Sequencer my phone is about 100x more powerful than that ol' (but sadly missed) clunker...

I think I want that punkish hairstyle back....In case anyone is wondering, I have Congenital Bilateral Triangular Alopecia....apparently 0.11% of the world population has Unilateral Triangular far as can be proved I am the only person ever to have the Bilateral ting going on!

I am rare...and....OMFG....IDBI....I AM 32!!

How the hell did that happen?

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