Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shirley Aquarius

Is the water-sign of the zodiac, not Virgo!?

Flo is obsessed with water, especially if it is the sense of a fountain! She positively screamed herself into a catatonic state this afternoon when I refused to stop at the College Green fountain (rightly so....we were on the other side of the road and there is a big fence round them) and again at the stupid pissoir cleaning style affair outside the Hippodrome. Don't even mention the 'scooping' then choking thing she seems to enjoy doing in the bath.

Yes, my heart stops every single time!!!

Anyway, you may have guessed that there is no pictures...nor point....hahaahaha!

Thanks to Su, Thomas, Rafi, Arthur, Alfie, Zita, Teh Nannie, Alex, Laura (How come I suddenly bump into you every day?), Hamid and last but by no means least Teh Ultimart Byootifarl Chile!!!

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