Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Like Teh Blog Title Say...

...I was one Angry Ginger today!

I felt a rant building based on the current sitch at work but it was obliterated by Teh Wunderfarl Chile. Instead I will say just 5 words:

Never. Work. With. The. French!

Not even one of them.

So. To business (aha hahah ha haaaaaa). You've all been neglected.....She walks!

When I picked her up from R's today she walked down the hall shouting "DaDa Dada" was at that instant that my anger lobes drained of all energy and my heart swole (yes, swole!) with joy...Having a kid rules!

I forgot to mention a classic moment from the Sunday Lunch trip a few days ago: Thomas (age 5) and Alex (same) are busily watching a Power Rangers derivative on TV when me & Flo turned up. I sorted out the changing mat etc while the boys explained (I think) what it was about and I explained who Flo was (Thom kept saying "What's his name?"...). So the boys are sort of half watching the TV, half watching me get Flo's nappy off when Thomas said, "I liked wearing nappies". Alex looks round..."Yeah me too, you dont miss any telly when you go to the toilet!".


Teacher...mother...secret lover...Homer is always right!

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