Saturday, September 02, 2006

There's what in the park?

So an excellent day which started very strangely...and quite hilariously.

Bleary-eyed at 8 o'clock this morning I wandered into the lounge to be greeted by the sight of 7 (seven) black cows coralled in the Basketball/Football area of the park! Went to get Flo at 10 and thus took Rosie and Es along to watch the Police try to round them up...aided (well not really) by (one of a few) a local madwoman who kept repeating "Take this one's number Mr Policeman, he's trouble" and a few of the local drunks (it's 10am mind...and they were pished!).

Some cows in a city park attended by obligatory madwoman in a DryZ'Bone and floppy hat

Loads and loads of people watching....Long story short, they finally twigged and called a farmer, who came with a pickup and a trailer shooed them in via some metal fencing and job's a good un.

Then spent a lovely day with Flo who took three unaided steps today! Met up with some mates in Clifton (Hello: Richard, Sîan [i bet that accent is in the wrong place], Huntles and Teh Berber, Laura & Karen)...then met up with Gazatron and Ceri....home for some more playing (and the 'walking' incident), dinner, a bath and a great big cuddle...then off to Mumma's for bed.

Ooo oo OOoo I am about to smash Teh Towers!!!

Hello to Tomatom who is languishing in luxury in wonderful Cornwall places....I will fix your laptop and send you Sony goodness mon ami!!!

I love love love Teh Byootifarl Chile! Apologies for my ugly mug, but Baboo had a camera with her this morning and so you have to see me as well as the gorgeous, shouty one.

Bought a (final) few birthday prezzies for her today; given to Rosie for Monday....a lovely jumper and a GakGak (= Rubber Duck) some tissue paper, which will probably be more popular than either of the others. The nifty bag they are contained in will be popular with Esmo I'm sure...

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