Sunday, September 10, 2006

Snack My Titch Up

I sense a a title 'theme' brewing...Teh Byootifarl Chile ate absolute tons of food today!

Anyway. Lovely day with the child. Am tired now so probably not going to say much other than: We nearly got killed by a teen-yob on a mini-motocross bike. Just leaving the park by the Pub exit and I could hear the revving, so rather than "Oh, there's someone going past, on the road on a motorbike" I'm all "Shit, twat on a moped....stay absolutely still and near the wall".

Lucky I did, because aforementioned twat hurtled round the corner (with a very impressive amount of sideways), hit the brakes and missed the buggy by about 10 cms. Naturally, I yelled at him something about his bain-size, bike-size, ball-size and the fact he had no helmet on....his reply: "If y'na 'ave ye yute wid, I come poun' yo head"*....t-o-s-s-e-r!!

If I do see him when I don't have 'yute' with me....then I sure as hell plan on having a big piece of wood to whack him with.

So. Other than that it has been a wonderful, if unseasonably hot, day.

I really have to sort out my phone situation as I only have morning photos...and only a few of them...Daddy sleep now...actually, daddy go get fish & chips, have a beer or 2 and then sleep ;-)

Reach! For the

Flo takes control of the Lunar Lander Module

Erm...why do I look scared?

* Translation : If you didn't have your baby with you I would kick your head in.

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