Sunday, November 05, 2006

Strange, innit?

Life. Funny ol' game.

Rosie and I were just discussing the fact that we are both 'old'. She went out last night and 'it was full of kids', realised that, 'at 7am it's not cool to still be up when you had a shit night anyway'...and I went to a folk gig in a floating village hall and had a great time the other night...and I bought some slippers today...and a hat with 'earwarmers'...on purpose!

Anyway. Yet another wonderful day with Teh Byootifarl Chile...can't be arsed to write much more, so you'll just get some captions :-)

I mean, I've been posting loads off to Paris on Tuesday and trés trés busy tomorrow, so you might not get any more out of me this week.

I turn my back for 5 minutes (hey, everybody poops!).....

Super-Lil!....superflo sounds too much like a toilet maker (hey, everybody poops....)

Now, what could that be up there...

Flo trying to decide if she likes eating raisins...or is it Pavement....she likes Pavement..attagirl!

Yes it is wrong, but my desire for the Borat movie and my utter hatred of cinemas has forced me to download it....Mmmm, sausage & mash for tea...a pint or 2 of the

Big shout going out to: Teh Ricola Symbiote, DJ Nick The Knife, and of course, never forgetting (that's right Bucky, NEVAR, EVAR forgetting) the one like: Battersea Power Station!

A perfect sunset for a perfect day!

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