Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Birthday John!

Hope you had good drinks in The Apple...I fancied some cider too...Can I link to 'bucky blog'?

Don't think I have any exciting new photos to display, nor much of interest to talk about other than how much I love being Lil's Dad, Mum & Dad's Son, and Joe's Brother!

If you want me to waffle on about projects at work stumbling forwards§, forever being tripped by the sneaky roots of beauraucracy in the haunted wood of the Giant Cave of Machines, aka GCOM (nothing like the real acronym). OK, I'll share this with you, it is entirely possible for me to receive an email with a subject line something like this: "PROJ1_ITS_Rx_SubjectOfIndeterminateLengthAndVaryingReadability_vX-X_YYYYMMDD"

...often with a nice "RE: RE: FW: TR: Mise รก Jour : RE: FW: Was 'Simple Request' at the beginning.
§ Today was good though; I can actually see Teh System working (I think) using Internets! In French...boo!

Am off to Belgo tomorrow (Aitch actually got confused with a restaurant of the same name..duuuuh!) on some crazy jaunt (not organised by me) to demonstrate part of Teh System which I am not (shall we say) 100% au fait with. Natch I will blag it....Especially after an evening of Moules et Frites and some Trappist ales
±Linked for the Michael Jackson thing....But this beer/beard guy looks like a nice Michael Jackson! :-)

Am on holiday on Friday, whoop!...doing some tentative house-seeking also...then drinks with JP!


See where I'm going there...with the whole 'Belgian' & 'Waffle' thing?....thought not.

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ddd said...

hey django - thanks for that - yes had a loverly time at the Apple - it is the den of drunkeness though.

link by all means - I have moderated comments anyway..

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