Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sun Day

Goats ate my Buggy!

Flo manipulating the goat via the power of horns & feet

FYI: Sun has been shining all day!

We've been out and about...I am now knackered (Flo's having a nap)...hopefully I will be able to stay awake for tonights 'event'.


Today Flo ate: Daddy's Patent Puddo Rice, Toast, Couscous & Falafels with an onion & mushroom gravy...and in between....Animal Biscuits...lots of Animal Biscuits!

She didn't sleep so well last night as she's getting a bit of a cold. A bit bunged up and very snory (is that a word?) last night...which meant I didn't sleep too well either...However, we both maxxed out on the morning nap...and still managed to fit in: Soft Play, The Swings, The Farm and a visit to BFC which is now open on a Sunday (yay)....and has a fine looking Café thing going on.

Flo solves the 'how do I carry things but leave my hands free for biscuits' conundrum!

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