Sunday, December 06, 2009


Today Ian and I took the kids to the heinously expensive Blue Reef Aquarium that opened a few weeks ago in place of the old "Wild Walk"....I say it was heinous, but to be honest I thought it was brilliant, though typically the girls weren't as impressed...well not all the time.

Still, I found it a thoroughly entertaining way to spend a good 2-3 hours, and the best bit was watching Flo interact with the 3D IMAX film about whales and dolphins and that....reaching out to stroke them, recoiling from huge whale flippers and trying to catch pieces of floating seaweed. It was awesome.

Esmae took her 3D glasses off because it was too scary.

All of Ian's pictures are bound to be better.

Testing the "rock" ;-)

In other news, my brother just asked (via email, because he's either in Sumatra, Russia, or (last I heard from him South Korea (for a day!))) if I thought a 1.4GHz laptop processor was slow/crap....the 1st 'laptop' I ever had (15 years ago) had an ~50 MEGA HERTZ processor!!

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