Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inexplicable Joy

Something I feared would go terribly wrong today went 99% right, and that was before 10am! It has almost literally blown my mind! In my worst imaginings it's been like some kind of sci-fi "self-aware nanobots infecting your system" scenario (very Alastair Reynolds!)...but turns out, it worked!

Loads of other stuff is still fucked though...And I really need to fluff-out and prettify my "Duh-du-Duuuh 2010 Ideas!" thing tomorrow...I shall unplug everything except that document, my eyes, and my ipod. I will...I will...

Took Mosh for her checkup...all is well...came back to catch the "new little dude" cat eating her food...she later had a fight with "aggressive annoying cat" (aka 'Cheeky')...but it's nice to know there's a whole feline ecosystem going on...

On the way home (past Flo's "school") the teacher was putting up their contribution to the St Werburghs Art Trail...I stopped for a chat:

[blah, blah, pleasantries]
Teach: we got them to do self-portraits...
Me: Hey, is Flo on there?
Teach: Oh. Yeah...she's next to her friend 'A'. Here...they got to...choose their...own..."look"...
Me: That's the best picture ever!
Teach: She wanted to have a big red nose apparently.

My "art" project got rejected a year ago....Flo wins by default!


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