Thursday, September 03, 2009



Just let that number sink in a moment....4...Four...Fffooooooorrrrr....It's a pretty small number, right? Nothing like, oooh say 35, or even 25, 10, 7...or Planck's Constant (which is a cool number....well mexico!)...Nope. 4.


So, yeah. Flo's 4 tomorrow. 4 years of shaky part-time parental skills on my part and she's still here*....and consistently more amazing than I'd ever dreamed she'd be! There seems to be some kind of logarithmic scale between the time she's been in my life and the joy and wonder (and LOVE) she brings.

I'm writing her a letter...It's too fucking good for you to read it!

That is all.

* My own abilities are obviously foreshadowed by her mum's...I'd be a fucking lunatic by now...wait....what?

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