Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guri 2 : Fuckheads 0

So. I cheered twice today. I literally shouted "Hooray" involuntarily on 2 occasions...

Remember the really sweary post from Friday? Well, guess what happened today? Well...

The agency sent someone round to look at the freezer. Yep, it is broken! But, they accepted my argument that rather than go through the long-winded process of me asking them to ask the landlord to get a new one (and the commensurate weeks without a freezer) I could by my own (probably better quality) and they'd amend the inventory.


Also, the fucktard that wouldn't increase my timeout? Seems that if I threaten to use a different proxy service, they can suddenly increase the timeout!! Who'd a thunk it?

On the minus side whatever the fuck was stuck under my P key of my AAO is now stuck under the O key...but that's just another reason for me to buy an Eee Keyboard PC when they come out next month. Which I'd be getting anyway because it will become the HTPC for the front room (streaming media off the NAS to the TV using it's wireless HDMI (how fucking cool is that)) so the Mini can replace TehBehemoth server...and TehBehemoth can go into the PC Recycling project stream....the upshot of which is my electricity bills should go down (not that there mental or anything).

This means "the gurinet" will get a general overhaul and should then be:

  • Linksys WRT54G running DD-WRT (Firewall, VPN, Routing, etc)
  • with 2TB NAS
  • Mac Mini running Ubuntu 9.04 running Asterisk (I'm experimenting with this), Motion (Home Security), some 'bots, "internal" webserver and anoth 1TB of NAS
  • AAO running uBen2 (this is my custom built linux distro based on Ubuntu with tweaks from Kuki plus a few nifty things of my own**)
  • Eee Keyboard hopefully running Moblin, but if necessary Windows 7***


* Except they'll probably not update the inventory and then there will be a massive argument when (someday) I move out.
** More on this in another post I think
*** I'm no fan of Microsoft, it's true, but I do kinda like Win7 despite myself...

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