Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blapathy II : Revenge of The Things To Do! 2

Yeah, so. I have this blog, like, yeah? Where I write stuff like all the time, yeah? And I'm kinda religious about it, know what I mean? Not, Religious religious, like, regular religious?...Yeah, like ONCE A MONTH!! Like church, or... "The Visitor" or some shit, yeah?

Woah! Sorry about that, regression...terrible thing.

So. I haven't blogged for a while. Sorry about that.

Work's been busy. I've also been running round like a loon trying to solve some particularly tricky PC hardware issues for a freeconomist (and a new one tomorrow evening), reading a whole big bag of awesome new books and planning for the winter!*

Flo and I went down to Devon for her Birthday last weekend (favourite quote [day after her birthday]: "Dad? If it's not my birthday today, why are people still giving me presents?"). We had a brilliant weekend: "Hi Ma, Hi is your grandaughter...I'll be reading my book in your comfiest chairs..."....Also, Rosemoor is almost as good as I remember the RSPB** when I were't'lad.

Also, MicroRave! I've been working on some lowly lo-fi hi-fi portable musical performance...I may well post up a mix for criticism next week (ha!)...Final plans for Level4 costume are crystalising also...I was going to list some spoilers but I may have to let the pictures speak for themselves! Let's just say it features spandex, a "cup", y-fronts and some moon boots. I got talked out of the adult nappy concept (quite easily, as it happens), but I do need a cape I think.

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment of...MEH!

Off to see either puppies or horses, I forget which...note this dress was the only thing she would wear for 3 days straight...same goes for Granny Jan's outfit. ;-)

*£100 worth of logs being delivered Friday morning...gotta shift (and find storage for) those suckers, cos they'll just get half-inched from the front...I'm pretty certain it's a case of:
Log dude: Here you go mate, one giant fucking back of logs, just drop 'em here in the road shall I? Right...see ya!
Me: FFFFUUUUUUUUU...........

** I truly, truly loved walking the trails...and the arguments over which colours indicated the short or long way...

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