Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I, Parent

Apart from the 3 day sojourn to Devon, where M&D helped out, it's been me & Flo against the world rain for the past week.

We did a lot, but here's some highlights.

Playmobil: Pirates vs Horses (and ubiquitous Fairy)

We went to look at the stream at the bottom of the lane...apparently it's now a lake (as are the fields either side of the road..."it's a beach!", Flo declared)

This here is the infamous "Leopard Cake". Sure, it might look like a shop bought, white, cat cake with added spots (by Grandad & Flo) but I can assure you, this is a leopard cake. I told Flo we'd have a cake when she was 1 metre tall. She is 1 metre tall. She wanted a leopard.


Moar Yella....and proof it didn't always rain.

Uncle Joe provided an iconic t-shirt for Flo and awesome nehru type hippy shirt for me!

Flo was so excited to get into the wetsuit and in the water that nobody noticed it was on backwards...

And then we came home and fished for rubbish in the park....

and RAN!

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