Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pony Games

Nope. Not some new kind of kink I'm into...

...or maybe it is...

The Steed* by virtue of the fact that it has no stupid dérailleur to go whirr-clickety-clackity-whirr-dzzz-clack and that it has skinny, slick tyres making minimal contact with the tarmac (not also, inflated to 105 psi!) is virtually silent. Seriously, the only sound is a faint buzz from the tyres...and me panting for breath.

This has led to me developing a new "game". Hooning it down the cyclepath surprising the day-glo commuters on their 'mountain bikes' from behind and hoping to hear a "tsk tsk"...I started out ringing my bell (honestly!), but the fucker broke on me. Then I tried shouting "On yer left!", but that just resulted in them looking round and wobbling into my path...

Surprising them is much more fun!

Hoping for no rain tomorrow morning as I'm planning to do the entire route to work, which is about 7 or 8 miles. Approximately 2/3 of which is uphill...

...then we'll see who's laughing**.

The ride home should be awesome (again, assuming no'd be like trying to ride a single ice skate)...and a cold, cold beer awaits at the end of it.

*Look Skeddy, you're just going to have to live with's a steel horse I ride! ;-)
** Clue: It wont be me.

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