Friday, March 30, 2007

Ramble On

WARNING: Contains swearing!

I've been thinking about the whole procreation, inheritance thing recently...and mutants.

The amazingness of Life Itself aside, DNA is a really, really weird and wonderful, I'm not going to get all scientific on you, more can be read here.

We humans have this weird trait of passing on some really fucked-up chromosomal messages...then we add to it by fucking up our offspring (ourselves!) with our own half-baked notions, memes, insecurities and all the other things that actually go towards making us human.

It's futile for me to hope that I don't do either of these things to Lil, after all, the genetic thing is pretty much fixed in stone flesh and I'm consciously trying not to fuck with her mind (which may, conversely, fuck with her mind), but I still worry.

This is what I worry about, apart from all the usual "things parents worry about"...and "things people worry about"...and work...and (sly wink to TGF)...'Dave': Baldy Bits and Clawfingers.

So, the Congenital Triangular Alopecia is just a rare freak out my Ma & Pa's zygotes concocted. To be honest, it's never really bothered me even though it meant I got called names at school...that meant I got quite good at fighting and not caring too much what people say. Kids are mean anyway...and I never stood a chance being a lanky, ginger weirdo; I went from nerdy, introspective Queen-fan to nerdy, introspective goth (have you ever seen a ginger goth? What the fuck was I thinking...?) to...well, let's just say I think I was a bit of a c*nt for a few, I have no idea. I'm Flo's dad is what I am.

The Dupuytrens thing is a bit different. I swear it's down to my shoddy guitar style and too many years playing bass, but given that Dad has it too and that there is apparently a family history this one is almost certainly going to get to Lil...though apparently women are less susceptible. Some say it means I have viking blood in me....Guri The Red FTW!

Anyway, I'm just back from Romania and all I'll say is:

- The receptionist in the hotel was just like Borat....Quote: "Here is nice, but in this area are maaany gypsies..."
- 10 minutes later I saw a woman get mugged
- Romanians like meat....a lot.
- There are, in fact, maaaany gypsies!
- The entire 40 hour trip was for a 4 hour meeting.....
- I hate airports

Got a few days holiday coming up over Oestre so should get some extra Flotime and spend a bit of quality time with TGF too. Here's hoping...

...Off to London on Wednesday for a Sooper-Seekrit (TM the bossman) meeting, wait....

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