Saturday, March 24, 2007

Food Dude

Good Evening. Here is the news...

First off, Lil (not called her that on here for a while) is so funny at the moment. It seemed when she was first born that she was just the most amazing thing in the world, but as she gets older, learns, becomes herself and generally does what humans do and socialise...interact with people and her environment she just gets amazinger!

Ummmm...Yeah, it's amazing!

Had a busy old week at work, despite the hilarity of Tuesday's musical extravaganza, Wednesday's holiday of sorts and the return of some sanity to the project. Last night, ate pizza and salad with Missman (forevermore to be known here as "Teh GF"...and perhaps TGF for short)...went to the pub and met some peeps she knows local like. Back for Children of Men, which is a great film, but didn't really do anything new for me new-wise. Rum & Apple Juice is maybe gonna be my 'cocktail' of choice for a while though.

Lazy lie-in and then TGF and I hanging around starving, waiting for our Bacon Sandwiches & Tea (and must be written so), which ended up with my official bestest breakfast evar being best 'brunch' ever....I believ, TGF and I also concluded that not only am I a bit of a geek, but I am a dork also...heheheh....Whale penis ;)

next week....wooo....but I miss a Flonight...booo!

Picked up Lil and had a bit of a chatter with Rose while playing Booboo (peep-bo) and watching Teh Chile run around randomly having a 'siddown'...she did however choose her own coat when asked. She got the wrong one, but she got a coat...and she does look cute in it. She may have to re-wear the gingham flares she was wearing today too...they look so cool.

She and I spent the evening eating dinner as I prepared it.

Tuna baked with Fennel & Lemon. Parsnip & Carrot Mash. Spring Greens. Beetroot. Roasted Pepper....since you asked.

Talking (yes! talking....I can have some kind of conversation with my daughter other than the sign/noise/guess technique) and ended up with a kind of free-for-all bowl extravaganza at the end. Big ol' bath (got some video I need to sort out and upload at some point) then book & luuvverllly cuddles before she looked me in the eye and said...

"Milk, daddy? Bed."

I love my daughter!

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