Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Return To The Forbidden Planet

Dancing with sunbeams....

It got pretty intense...foot-stamping, hand-waving and shouting...

I must have had the luckiest couple of days I've ever had...long story short:

- I'm owed quite a lot of money...and a considerable bit extra per month from now on!
- I don't have to go to Paris tomorrow...and the early April trip looks a bit easier now
- Interflora boosted their fuck-up bouquet with some chocolates. Sorry for swearing Ma...


- Flo. Is. Hilarious!

- And gorgeous at the same time

- I went to the best ever school musical thing last night with Missman: Return To The Forbidden Planet, in Bristolian!! was the best theatre I have ever seen!....there is no sarcasm here...just a sly grin.
- Loving, loving, loving being with Teh Laydee...without wishing to get all ghey or anything

- I have mastered that chinese 'seaweed' thing you get in chinese restaurants (the stuff that isn't actually's greens/cabbage)....mine's no-fat, no-salt...and really tasty.

The other picture made it look even more like jazz-baccy ;)

Oh. Hi to Liz, who I bumped into last Sunday....Teh Ricolah: let's go for drinks instead!...and Riobard del Brono: return my calls you bastard!

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