Sunday, March 18, 2007


So. Ups and and downs.

Interflora owe me bigtime for not delivering flowers the day before Mothers Day (apostrophe?...who cares). That's a big black mark in their book and free shit, or else! I possibly deserve a kick for not doing more in the 1st place [ahem...bag of consumer-glorified hokey shite!]

Why can Lil say "kick-kin" or "hit-ting" but not "Bob Marley"?
Why is a horse called a 'kaggle'?
What's so fascinating about lipstick (or 'meh ip-tik-meh meh!!')?

This weekend, apart from the above:

- Had a wonderful evening and morning with Missman...loads of YouTube too...
- Cooked me and Flo a mega-tea...tuna & greens FTW!
- Slept and played....well, I napped & supervised...
- Got out in the fresh air with Teh Chile and Teh Ladee...PIK! WeeeRRreeeeEEEe!!!
- Bumbled about, but my is it not suddenly chilly?

You're bored now, I can tell. I can't be arsed to 'piccy you up'.

Go to sleep!

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