Sunday, March 11, 2007


Seems Spring is here. Today at least...

Thank You Sara!

A nice Friday to complement a rather busy week and then a Saturday morning mooch with Missman. Went a bit bonkers with dinner after Rosie dropped Flo off; I kept cooking various things until I realised the time, so we had:

Steamed Tuna with some roasted lime, slow-cooked onions & PepPers, sweetcorn, rice with nori flakes and hemp seeds and some sprouting brocolli on the side...some apple a bit later on for pudding.

A big bath with lots of 'bupples' [which must be said in an almost reverential whisper]

Today, after porridge and Bagpuss we bumbled about until the morning nap, then I attempted to tidy up before our lunchdate at BFC with Missman...I did most of the eating, Flo chased a boy in circles for a while and then we decamped (via mine for the buggy as 0.005mph is no speed for an adult) to the Farm where goats ate Flo's shoes and most animals (except 'Pik!' & 'Dak-Dak!') were ominously absent.

Just gimme a sec, yeah?...

A pint! A pint on a Sunday the sunshine (ish)....for about 30 seconds it was pure bliss...the rest was just fairly amazing. Makeup skillz for the Missman...I may need to buy a lipstick for those occasional 'Oh Noes, what's left to entertain Flo?' moments!

Back home, where we both napped for an hour, before taking her back to Rose with a bonus 200Gb of media to Lyon this week, though I fear I'll be stuck in airports having missed connections most of the time (I mean, come on, 30 mins between 1 landing and next take-off....twice? On the last flights of the day?....)

I wish I had a picture of Teh Chile in the corduroy jacket with the pink turnups and the lilac summer'll have to use your imagination unless you saw it.

It's not shitting, it's not fitting....all I want is...MEH MEH MEH!

If YouTube is being ghey again please click here to access a video of Flo (which in retrospect looks less safe than it did at the time) having a go on a slide...

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tek said...

Cheers for the comment on my blog about the web-tribe thing. I think perhaps you're right about not having a few groups but just the one. We'll see how it all evolves, yer never know eh?!

As for the beta-techie-testy-thingy sure go right ahead, I'll help as much as I can... :)

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