Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cursed, Cained & Crucified

That's a reference to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci that!

So, the the guribox is up and running again, which means the gurinet contains: gurimac, guribox, monstro, daptop and 1.8Tb of storage...all visible on 2 x 19" of which is wide screen for all that media goodness.

I am incredibly tired, as I slept really badly last night. So much so that I kept disturbing Flo, who ended up in bed with me at 2. We didn't get up til 6:30...but still. She also refused a morning nap and will hopefully now sleep until 3ish (she went down at 1:30).

Lovely dinner of Mushroom & Tuna Carbonara last night....yes, I made that! Oat Groats with Goji Berries, Cashews and Hemp seeds for breakfast. Avocado, Brocolli, roasted Peh-puh and a vege pie for lunch today...I love feeding Teh Chile.

- Bought her a skirt (to be worn over trousers natch) and a dress today.
- My screensaver is apparently 'bubbles'
- She almost repeated 'quadraped' to me last night..."Kodageg"!
Loads of new words and starting to form simple phrases...'Hat ON', 'Door, bye', 'Daddy Keggle' (cuddle!! FTW!)
- Lots lots more for me, but that's your lot

'Chats' tonight (groan), Belgium tomorrow and back for Flotime on Wednesday...


The eye of a whale!


At this point I just have to cuddle and squeeze


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