Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass!

Thanks to Yo La Tengo for the title.

I occasionally threaten to post some of the more random things I come across on these here got the linky linky thing over there on the right, but here's some random goodness from YouTube.

Ruby Ruby Ruby....for me Dad

Baby got back!...for err....

Mad acoustic styling....bit like Rodrigo y Gabriela...courtesy of Tek

I have a love/hate thing with the whole Web 2.0 "long tail" stuff, but this is an awesome video!

This vidyo for Teh Missman

And this for Teh Chile

Awesome ringtones from TMBG
, courtesy of Wired.

In other news, I've got a new monitor coming (yum) and some more storage...which takes me well into 2 Terrabytes...meh, the Mac keeps whingeing about disk space and there's been a flurry of activity on the TorrentMachine for some reason ;)'s time to sort out the technodesk (again)...I'll maybe post some pics when it's done...don't hold your breath though. These things take a lot of procrastination, I mean, time...I've also learned far more than I really need to know about Master Boot Records, GRUB, Windows MBR and generally horrid things about hard drives. You haven't asked, so I wont tell you why.

I have been having a truly Kafka-esque return to work. Not that I've turned into a beetle, but the truly stunning levels of bureaucracy displayed by certain un-named french individuals/teams. Fuckers!

Belgium, France and Romania all pretty much confirmed this month. Please don't mention my carbon footprint! Speaking of that environment stuff (it all goes on outside my windows apparently) I think I might have come up with a blog meme..."What's in your bin?"...So far this week, I have:

- 1 piece of scrumpled up cellophane
- Fluff, dust & hair from sweeping up
- An ashtray's worth of fag-butts and incense ash

The recycling is another matter :)

I found this blogpost really's not a whole lot like my sitch, but I felt much the same when Flo was born...his blog is good too (if you're a dad I guess) and he says fuck now and again too. As we all should (sorry kids).

I might get round to sharing my semi-secret parent blogs at some will damage my hard man image though.

Missman has been handed the reins with regard to the locks...I mean someone had to. I can only remember going to the hairdressers once in the last 6 or 7 years (and I seem to remember that was only to stop Bucky moaning about my scruffy, wooly, hairy selfness) as it's been either shaved (which made me look like I was terminally ill...heh) or "cut what you can see in the mirror" by me...oh and Rosie had a hack at my 'spaniel ears' two years ago.

I've started beta-testing a mates new venture into the online world and it's quite good fun...might post out some invites when it gets a bit less beta...or 'Dirty' as it's currently classed.

Run Away!

You may well get some pictures later today or tomorrow...though you may have to wait til the weekend to see more of Teh Byootifarl Won

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Jonathon said...

you can never go wrong with a yo la tengo title.

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