Saturday, February 24, 2007

B-Gurl & Teh Puddlez

Yes. I know it is early...but we've been up since 5!

Teh B-Gurl...

Still, I had time to get Flo dressed in some new kit...which then got soaked through (but puddles were so much fun I couldn't be bothered to stop her)...she's now having a well deserved nap.

I wanna go out there dad!

Splish! Splosh!

Just a taste of the aftermath!

Might get round to uploading some puddle video later...

...We went out for lunch: Squid and some couscous for Flo...Chicken, salad and whatever Flo left for me. Lovely it was too. Came home on the train (or 'kain' as Flo says) and just missed a rain shower. So we've been "riding the elephant", dancing and singing and reading 'Where The Wild Things Are' (with much roaring from Flo).

BTW the funky leggings she's been sporting today are called "Baby Legs" and they're brilliant! Basically just leg warmers for kids, but she ends up with them on her arms and all sorts.

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