Sunday, February 11, 2007


Have had a fantastically restorative weekend thanks for asking...and got Sir Henry at Rawlinson End! R00lz!

A lovely night of sausage & mash etc with Missman 'up the Hill' on Friday night, managed to sort all the shopping out on Saturday then me and Flo ate a lovely dinner of Salmon, Rice (with Nori & Hemp seeds and all that good hippy shit), Roasted Peppers (a new fave word) and Onions and Brocolli.

After Oats, Yoghurt, Toast and Coffee this morning (she loves an espresso...joke. I drank that) we went to the park in the rain today with Flo in her mega-cagoule...must remember that slides get slippy when wet and nylon rainsuits repel water...stick Teh Chile in that equation and you can probably imagine me sprinting alongside the slide as she accelerated off towards the tarmac.

Missman popped round for a cup of her wierd liquorice concoction and ended up staying for lunch. Of which, Chile ate most of her portion but insisted that most things were either hoT {ffff} or Peh-Puh, Peh-Puh. Leftovers have been consumed...

The Farm this afternoon. Then the Caff Playground for some ElectroSlide fun...nothing funnier than seeing a small child discharge her massive static charge when what she's expecting is a nice hug. A bouncy walking thing that seems to encourage larger children to try to 'bounce' Flo into the air...another spin round the park (this time in the dry), then home for some snoozing, dancing and generally painting each other with facepaints.

God I'm glad I don't go out anymore...let's see if PooTube is still shitting bits at my MP4z...yeps. You may click here to download an MP4 of Flo wearing a hat while some Reggae plays in the background.

Also, here's a quick update on vocab...

Shoosh = Shoes
Hap-En = Apple
Pep-Puh = Pepper (the red/green/yellow kind)...this must be repeated several hundred times (even if there is no pepper in evidence)
Detty = Dirty
Daddy = Doggie
Doggy = Daddy
Boooon = Cow
Meh! Meh! Meh! = I want you to do something related to what I am pointing at or struggling with...right now
Khn = Spoon

In other news I am trying to trim up, label, genre-ize and generally sort some 40Gb of music...having an inner giggle: Ladyhands, heh! And thinking of bed, a 4 day week and then M&D mit Flo, back for Edinborough (hahahahah...mmm)...I'll probably sleep for a day and then back to work.


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