Thursday, March 15, 2007

It went a little something like this...

As usual, what I expect a work trip to be like is not how it goes. I thought I'd thought of every conceivable combination of joys and woes this time round, but now I realise the one true answer is to go with the flow...

...Which reminds me, hopefully I'll get a bit of time with Flo tomorrow as I'm WFH and then being a bit slack due to time in lieu (love that phrase...and the is, after all, fair: I missed my Flo-night this week coz I had to go to Lyon for work).

Long story short, it went a little something like this....

Tuesday 13th March:
- 8am-2pm Work
- Teh B055man (hereon in aka TB) drives us to the airport in Landy (so slow!)
- TB and I get gypped at Security due to no plastic bags (deliberate rebellion on our part, heh!)
- Couple of pints of the black stuff in honour of St Patrick
- glass o' wine and a heated-to-the-core-of-a-star temperature shitwich
- Lands a bit early, yay!
- But still think we have to rush for connecting flight in Brussels...have to walk miles and go through passport control and then security again (ALL airports suck....they're just misery-channels!)
- Get to gate, which conveniently has a bar right next to it with time to spare for 2 more (Belgian this time) beers
- We've gained an hour too, remember...Flight...'nother free glass o' wine, but this time with nice sandwiches (swapped one with TB so I had no evil tomato)
- Land, Taxi, Hotel...
- 2 seconds after walking into hotel room, text from TB: Bar?
- 2 minutes later: in bar
- 4 or 5 beers and a double shit...Pissed! Right! Up!...barely remember going to room....
- Bed. Tortured sleep. Left curtains open, am entwined in 7 billion sheets and blankets, hungover!

Wednesday 14th March:
- Shower, breakfast, coffee, bill...WAHAY!!! Barman forgot to charge us a single thing!!!
- Walk a mile or so to the meeting place with a decidedly rough (read: still drunk) TB
- 10-5 Meeeeeeetttttt--tttttttiiing!......amazingly not incredibly dull, but marred by constant drilling and hammering as offices are rebuilt around us....and a wierd-ass lunch-in-a-box
- Taxi, Airport....Oh Noes!!!
- Flight late (and we only have 30 odd mins to change flights). Free wine and sanger again though ;)
- Literally run a kilometre to get to Passport control, and then another to get to Security...get to gate with 10 mins to spare....a small delay t the plane thank god....time for a quick Amstel!
- Phone Missman I am so overjoyed I haven't missed flight!
- Flight. Free glass of wine....but I need coffee even though it's 10pm or something. Nuclear shitwich again.
- Land, usual malarkey with passport, bid farewell to TB and head for Taxi place. Got my hour back now, so it's 10ish.
- Tearful french woman, huge queue and nobody admitting to speaking I did my good samaritan thing (I spikka da lanwich loike a nayeteev!) and found someone who was going the same way so they could split the £100 (!!!) taxi fare...
- Taxi...Home....Bed!!!

Today...up at 6 and in work by 8 :(

If you enjoyed that little summary of one of my so-called "jollies" the name is partially justified...stay tuned next week for: "Paris in a day!" and the week after that is sure to be "My Eastern Bloc Hell: Romania AND bust!".

That is all!

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