Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Reuters Blok

I've spent most of the day with a blog post in the back of my mind, but for the life of me I'm not able to start it right now. Probably due to the quick dash to Belgium earlier this week, a technical document to finish and the general onslaught of work. Off to Lyons next week, with some interesting 30 minute between flights connections!

And I kinda got stagefright. Thanks Reader....joking.

I'll say this much though; I love being The Daddy...Here's just a few reasons why:

- I was about to do the (mountain of) washing up, when Flo sidled up to me lifted her arms and asked, "Daddy cuddle?"...that took a good half an hour. Washing up still not done.
- Bupples! the Bart!
- Watching her demolish the food I lovingly created (and not caring about spillage)
- Watching her demolish the lovingly crafted tower of wooden blocks I made her
- Dancing with her....and her dancing on me
- Tickles
- Snuggling on the sofa in 'jamas' with a book
- The way she runs for her milk when I say "It's time for bed"

In other news...I have nothing to report except that the hair has been very well received...look at these instead, I'm off to snooze on the sofa til it's safe to re-use the bathwater (topped up with piping hotness natch) and wind up smelling of lavender.

Her dinner...there's nori flakes and lemon on the rice to counteract my guilt at the breadcrumbed fish.

Halfway through...I'd eaten mine at this point and was tidying up and forgot to do the 'after' pic.

So here's a shot from the other day. She's definitely a girl, what with her love for 'shOOsh', 'booTS', 'begs' and 'haTs'...

In true 'overly proud parent' style here is a (bad) video of the lady herself in conversation...shame she refused to say Bupples more than once as she'd been saying little else all night.

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