Monday, April 02, 2007

Must. Think. Of. Comedy. Title....

And then of course, something to write about.

Telling your 18 month old daughter to 'be careful' when climbing on stuff doesn't (always) work. Flo took a tumble yesterday, cut her lip and banged her head. She was OK after a few minutes cuddling and dabbing at her mouth with ice-cubes wrapped in a (yes, clean!) washcloth. She then took to applying the cold compress to my head...maybe she'll be a doctor when she's older.

Watching 'But' (that's Bod to you lot).

You really should follow the layout instructions with these damn trainset things!


Ooooh, I see. A tenner well spent!!

Righteous props to Gazatron for another sonic mix, lad!

I do believe that Jungle Joe is coming down on Friday...then we're off to see the (potential) new Parental Yard down Exeter way (yay, nearness). I've got loads of work to do before the Easter holidays...bah!

My deepest sympathies to Sked on the loss of his brother...Death sucks.

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skeddy said...

Cheers fella, it's appreciated

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